Introduction to biodanza

All is One”I don’t doubt there is but one life force, common for all plants, animals and humans. We are being nourished in a cosmic womb of life. Life energy is circulating in us and in nature as a flow. Humanity blocks this flow. We try to stay isolated, but are in reality connected by an impulsive, telepathic intelligence that has love as nature and for which we can open or close ourselves.” Rolando Toro Areneda, founder of Biodanza

”The smallest molecule is a representation of the largest universe. Everything has the same source. Everything is One……“

”Rise, o day! The atoms are dancing. The souls, in deep extacy, are dancing. The heavens are dancing because of this Being. I wil whisper in your ear where his dance will lead to: All atoms that exist in the sky – understand well – are in love, just as we and each one of them, happy or unhappy, being blinded by the ligh of the unconditional soul.” Rumi

Biodanza is a dance into Life bringing self-awareness. Strengthening your Being. Relaxing your mind. Letting you enjoy your body, enjoy connection, enjoy Life. Be welcome here.

Enjoy the site

Merijn Oudheusden